by Icom Simulations/ Viacom/Mindscape 1987/93

Experience the superbly illustrated graphic adventure with digitized sound effects. Do you have the courage to be the guest of the Uninvited?

You and your brother are driving in the dead of night when you swerve to avoid a mysterious object. When you come to, your car is out of commission, a storm is brewing, and your brother has vanished. You find yourself drawn towards a mansion which you will soon learn holds the key to your brother's fate.

Enter the mansion and you'll find yourself within a labyrinth filled with ghosts and demons. Each step brings you further and deeper into an evil unknown. Move quickly, since each second that passes threatens your sanity.

Minimal system requirements:

Windows 3.1, DOS 3.3 or higher
80286 CPU
8 MB free hard disk space
Windows compatible sound card

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