Tomb of Fuloas
a.k.a. Im Schatten der Mumie

by Bonez 2005

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In the age of old king Fulaos revived stories that were legends long since then. All was left known to few sacreds only and these had kept the wisdom for thousands of year. But after all these became legends and myths as well and all their secret was kept in one small tomb of the last of descendants. But young archaeologist Mr. Bonez and his colleague Dr. Roderson find the basis of the tomb by chance. At first sight it seems to be the tomb like any other and that there are no surprising discoveries to be expected. But new amazement carrying sarcophagus is found at a close time to the termination of archaeological digs. There is a mummy which is at least 2000 years older than the whole tomb itself. From this moment on, old legends and myths start to revive in front of Mr. Bonez eyes. Mr. Bonez experiences unbelievable adventure which leads him through ancient tombs, frowsty caves, Cairo’s bazaars and pyramids of old.

About game:

  • 3D RPG/Adventure game with the third person view.
  • Incredible story taking place on a historical Earth in 30’s.
  • Each chapter includes many beautiful areas.
  • Special rules system adapted to a realtime setting - including 8 base skills and 9 derived skills.
  • Fast paced combat in a rich and detailed world where dialogue interaction and story play equally large roles.
  • Classless system allows the user to customize their character however they want as they advance to as high as 100th level.
  • A random item generator allows the player to find literally thousands of different weapons and items.
  • Special subgames which are included in the story and could be played as independend games.
  • Many items to upgrade your skills.
  • Many spells that evolve and grow with as your characters’ abilities increase.
  • Many enemies to challenge your combat and spell-casting abilities.
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay with a clean interface.


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