Thayer's Quest

by Digital Leisure 12/2005

The once magnificent Kingdoms of Weigard, Iscar and Illes have fallen into decay. The dark sorcerer Sorsabal and his minions have conquered the land and all but destroyed the noble race of the Elder Kings.

Lead Thayer Alconred, a young magician's apprentice, on a perilous quest to restore an amulet of great power to defeat Sorsabal and return the Kingdoms to their rightful rule.

Come to a world of wizards and demons ... of bright steel and dark magic ... of heroic deeds and base treacheries.

The Fantasy is Yours!

Special features:

  • Fully interactive gameplay reconstructed from the original Halcyon release
  • Restored original soundtrack
  • Over an hour of classic cel animation
  • Mpeg-1 video
  • Difficulty selection


ESRB: no rating


System requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • 200 MHz or faster processor
  • 4x CDROM or greater

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