by Southpeak Interactive 1997

A Supernatural Adventure

The first game featuring Video Reality, the all-immersive technology that puts you in the game.

Temüjin is the world's first game with Video-Reality Technology. Shot entirely on 35 mm film, with absolutely no rendered backgrounds, this supernatural adventure will immerse you in 360º of completely seamless, incredible realistic, motion picture-quality gaming.

Centuries ago, powerful magic locked an ancient evil safely aaway from humanity. Now the force that enslaved a continent lies hidden inside the Stevenson Museum.

Here, among artifacts from the tomb of Temüjin - the great conqueror known as Genghis Khan - its power grows. To fight it, you must unravel the mystery. The only thing you know for sure is that the capricorn, a jeweled goat head, somehow holds the key.

Explore the museum. Confront other characters. Solve the puzzles. Reveal the truth.

You hold the future of the human race in your hands.

  • Navigate with 360º mobility through the most elaborate adventure game ever - with lavish sets, live characters, and an intriguing story line.
  • Experience hours of gameplay with a series of challenging and unique puzzles that enables you to unveil the past and expose the evil in the present.
  • Immerse yourself in a 35 mm cinematic marvel that brings CDROM-adventure gaming to a new plateau.
  • Lose yourself in this supernatural adventure with its haunting original music score and digitally created special effects.


ESRB: Teen (13+)


System requirements:

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT
  • Pentium 90 MHz+
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 2 x CDROM-drive
  • 20 MB of temporary space on C:\Drive
  • 16 Bit Windows compatible sound card
  • SVGA Graphics for 640 x 480 High Color (16 bit)
  • 2 MB VRAM strongly recommended
  • Microsoft compatible mouse

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