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The Scroll
by Millenium Entertainment 1995

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A Supernatural Interactive Drama

More than 4000 years ago the teachings of the scroll began to both intrigue and curse those who came in contact with it. Its spell petrified a lost city's populace, cajoled a prince of Ancient Egypt to spread the cult of the dark god, Nyarlathotep, and ensured that the blood of serpent people ran through teh veins of his descendents. Centuries would pass, and it would be buried at the end of a long, lost tunnel in a temple beneath the unsuspecting city of Alexandria. But in 1920, one Yussuf Al Rashid begins to dig a hiding place for his ill-gotten money, and unearths the magical scroll, setting in motion an adventure which begins with death and could finish with the end of the world.


  • Sampled speech for the voice of the Egyptologist, Mystic & Occultist.
  • Intelligent mouse driven control through Micons (moving icons).
  • Four screens, eight way scrolling map of Alexandria, circa 1920.
  • In-game Thomas Cook guidebook and automatic notebook.
  • Over 70 locations.
  • Extensively researched historical and mythological background.
  • Supports industry leading sound cards.

System Requirements:

MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
386DX33 Mhz
512k VGA graphics card

5 MB of free hard disk space
4 MB of RAM
512 Gravis Ultrasound, Soundblaster 16, or fully VESA compliant sound card
CD-ROM drive
Microsoft compatible mouse

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