The President is Missing

by Micropose / Cosmi 1988



Interactive Simulation of Intrigue and Mystery

Who is behind the world's worst hostage crisis?

The President of the United States and other members of a top-secret summit have been taken captive by international terrorists. As the world holds its breath, your assignment is to trace the kidnappers and find the hostages.

Discover what it's really like to be in charge of a highly sensitive investigation where the lives of world leaders are at stake. Your starting point is a single audio-cassette conveying the terrorists' demands and loaded with vital clues.

Controlling the central computer of the CIA's Counter Terrorist branch, you must sift through the massive data banks to identify suspects. Make the right decisions and the labyrinth of espionage, secrecy and deception eventually leads to the Middle East. But, here you will discover that behind the kidnapping lies an even more sinister plot - a plot which could throw the world into almost unimaginable chaos.

  • Full and realistic investigation into the abduction of leading political figures
  • Simulated CIA computer gives access to classified data
  • Audio cassette contains kidnappers' demands and challenging clues
  • Successive goals maintain player enthusiasm
  • Game progress can be saved for continued play
  • A second, more sinister plot to uncover


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