The Riddle of Master Lu

by Sanctuary Woods 1995

Experience an Adventure so realistic you won't beleive!

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

The remarkable world of Robert Ripley, adventurer and famed collector of the bizarre, is brought to life in this 1930's-period graphic adventure.

You are thrust into the year 1936. The planet is on the brink of a world war. A Talisman of enormous power, the imperial seal of the first emperor of china, becomes the focus of a plot to rule the world.

Now it's up to you, Ripley, and his companion Mei Chen to stop the seal from falling into the wrong hands! But time is running out ...

An incredible true-life mystery, live video-characters, spectacular graphics, dynamic sound, and advanced gameplay merge together to deliver staggering realism like never before ...

  • Outwit an evil nemesis!
  • Search the globe for clues to unlock a 2,000 year old mystery
  • A richly textured soundtrack evokes the mood and romance of the 1930's
  • unique cinematic techniques create emotional character interaction
  • Explore over 200 authentic and historically accurate environments

System requirements:

IBM PC and 100% compatibles
486/25 (486/33 recommended)
DOS 5.0
Hard drive with 8 MB free space
2 x CDROM drive
VESA compliant Super VGA video card (with VESA driver installed)
Sound Blaster or compatible sound card

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