The Filmmaker


Unimatrix Productions Announces New Adventure Game
Titled "The Filmmaker"

April 8, 2009

After hinting at it for several months, Christopher Brendel has announced today that Unimatrix Productions is developing a new independent game titled "The Filmmaker". Due to be released this summer, "The Filmmaker" will be a first-person puzzle-based adventure with pre-rendered graphics, in the tradition of classic games such as Myst and The 7th Guest. For details, fans may visit the game's website (still in development) at

In "The Filmmaker", players explore a haunted theater, in an attempt to uncover the mysteries within. As part of their journey, players must go inside several movies created by one particular filmmaker, an enigmatic stranger named Claude Ferucil.

As opposed to being story-centric, as was the case with Unimatrix Production's previous games, "The Filmmaker" is puzzle-centric. It features more than twenty unique puzzles of varying types. Instead of presenting a cinematic story that develops as the game progresses, "The Filmmaker"'s storyline unfolds through exploration, puzzle-solving, and reading. "The Filmmaker" will most likely be rated "Teen" or the equivilent.

Some fans may wonder what this means for Unimatrix Productions's ongoing project, "Stonewall Penitentiary". Production began on "The Filmmaker" specifically because development on "Stonewall Penitentiary" was put on hold, due to financial concerns. Christopher Brendel wishes to reassure fans, however, that work on "Stonewall Penitentiary" will be completed, following the release of "The Filmmaker".


Unimatrix Productions was founded in 2000. Run exclusively by Christopher Brendel, Unimatrix Productions has already developed and published two adventure games, "Lifestream" and "Shady Brook". Additional games are on the horizon following the release of "The Filmmaker" and "Stonewall Penitentiary". Brendel's other works include several works of fiction, a fan-based film, an upcoming cgi series, and the soundtrack to the independent adventure game "The Arrangement".



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