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The Devil's Triangle
by Christopher Ushko

A review by Tobias   27th November 2000


Only freeware or foretaste of true adventure?

The Devil`s Triangle (briefly: TDT) is a Monkey Island fangame and can be downloaded as freeware at Adventure-Archiv. It may appear to experienced, professional Monkey Island fans at first glance perhaps like a cheap MI2-satire. But is it really that?

Meanwhile we probably have reached the age of perfect freeware, what is made clear after playing adventure games like "Dunkle Schatten 2" (german advertising game) or "The Devil`s Triangle"...

Graphics and characters

Guybrush Treepwood, the main actor of the funniest adventure series of all times can be seen again in TDT in the original MI2-format. Besides he changes his coat (which can be detected by the colour) several times in the game, remains however nevertheless in the whole game the same one and does not behave different than the genuine Guybrush, created by Ron Gilbert. The graphics from MI2 and Indiana Jones 4 - Fate of Atlantis (Guybrush's companion Jan is a copy of Sophia) were in-smuggled here however into a completely new graphic dimension and unfortunately appear pixeled in the centre of the screen, but that shouldn't spoil the party.

The comic-pixel-graphics nevertheless are very special and increase the grade of humor with funny characters such as Al. More perfect presentation is provided by comic animations, as we particularly learned to love from The Curse of Monkey Island.

Actually TDT is more than good according to my opinion in its graphic appearance. For a freeware game anyway.

The satire and its elements

Who understands fun, can be pleased about this download. Seriousness is contained rather too little in this story, what's more, it is well knitted together and an absolute comedy spectacle - for the first work of a beginner - perfect. Of a beginner I dare to speak, because the work on this game must have been really hard. It is partly a satire, but it is mainly still a fan game, on which, above all Ron Gilbert, should be proud. The logic of the puzzles is rather more unreasonable than in the original MI-games, but you can nevertheless easily find out, for which purpose the inventory objects are meant. Among some other risible, so-called action elements there is also a complement game to the spitting competition in MI 2: The race hare/turtle, where you have to pump up the hare, to have a chance of victory. Additionally we meet again many old acquaintances.

The music should go down well.....

Regarding sound and music, we are reminded more and more of the times of Monkey Island 2 - Le Chuck's Revenge. Most musical themes from the original game were taken up here. I itemize some examples: The entry melody of Largo LaGrande, the LeChuck-music, the MI 2-soundtrack. As additional entertainment factor serves the music of Offspring, the Spice Girls, etc. and the music of Gabriel Knight, as well as of Lucas Arts games like Indy, Zak McKracken, and, and, and ....

Technical thoughts

The missing saving function is unpractical. Since however dying is impossible in the game, animations can be skipped with shift and one chapter isn't too long, so you can tolerate this fact. Every of the 4 chapters can be played first and also independently from the others. Altogether 4 files must be downloaded, unpacked and installed. The game control is by no means complicated, but easier than the new Lucas Arts keyboard control, which was used with Grim Fandango for the first time. Exactly in the same way you can move your hero with the arrow keys and use the numerical keys 0 - 6 to apply inventory objects. Thus combining objects becomes really easy in this game. You can try really fast all possibilities one after the other, if you are stuck.

My total rating anyhow is 70 % - the game length is noticeable for a freeware game.

Rating in detail (Maximum points 7):

  • Comedy: 7
  • environment authenticity: 2
  • dramatic: 1
  • graphics and film sequences: 4
  • Story: 5
  • puzzles and logic: 5

Adventure-Archiv-rating system:

  • 80% - 100%  excellent game, very recommendable
  • 70% - 79%    good game, recommendable
  • 60% - 69%    satisfactory, restricted recommendable
  • 50% - 59%    sufficient (not very recommendable)
  • 40% - 49%    rather deficient (not to be recommended - for Hardcore-Adventure-Freaks and collectors only)
  • 0%  -  39%    worst (don't put your fingers on it)


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Copyright © Tobias Schmitt for Adventure-Archiv, 27th November 2000



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