The Third Courier

by Accolade 1989

Berlin. The perfect place for a spy to die.

Your code name: Moondancer, master spy.

Your mission: recover stolen NATO defense plans.

Two of the three NATO couriers who werer handcuffed to the plans now lie on marble slabs in a morgue. And Moscow is about to do lunch with the assassin. The trail leads to Berlin ... and the Third Courier.

Be all the spay you can be. Your abilities change according to the occupation, background, lifestyle and education level you choose.

"Moondancer, this is mission control." Get briefed, then stock up on a deadly arsenal of high-tech, secret agent toys - everything from electronic bugs to teflon slugs.

Meet the butcher of Berlin. Does he just know cold cuts - or someone in the Russian embassy? The next Berlin citizen could provide a vital clue or connection.

Gateway to the Cold War. "Check Point Charlie". Where East meets West and tension meets suspense. Search for the plans by U-Bahn, cab or foot. The Third Courier is out there. Waiting.

Berlin down to the last brick. This is as real asit gets. See a Berlin the tour bus misses - the legendary city known for intrigue, espionage and one heck of a wall.

Where else would slime travel? The killer has vanished with the plans. But where? He may have fled underground, via the sewers, catacombs and aqueducts that link East and West.

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