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The London Scene of AGON Released

Private Moon Studios is proud to announce the release of the first episode
of AGON, the London scene. The true adventure game that comes in fourteen
downloadable episodes over a period of two years starts in the British
Museum, London. The first episode was released on 3 September, and can be
downloaded from the website of the game: www.agongame.com.

The website also contains several screenshots that could not be seen before.

For those who have purchased the first episode, the website provides
additional entertainment. Between episodes numerous documents will be
published in the Illustrated Agon Club that follow Professor Hunt's journey
in real time, and provide details about a rich background story. Users who
carefully delve into these documents may realise that there are more layers
to the game, and may come to different conclusions at the end of the
fourteen episodes. The Club will be refreshed weekly over the next two

Please visit our website at www.agongame.com or write us at
info@agongame.com for more details.


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