Kyrandia 1 - The Legend of Kyrandia
by Virgin/Westwood 1992

Kyrandia is the land of dark mysterious forests and sleeping dragons. A fantasy land where rubies grow on trees and magic abounds. Who would imagine that a land so idyllic would lead one to murder?

Some say that the court jester Malcolm was made to begin with. Others that it was his burning desire to possess the precious Kyragem that slowly unhinged his mind and led him to slay the peacrful King William, the sole protector of the powerful gemstone that is the source of all magic in the land of Kyrandia.

As the rightful prince of Kyrandia, you must persue the elusive Malcolm to recover the Kyragem. Only then will you be able to reclaim the throne and restore harmony to the land of Kyrandia. THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA AWAITS YOU.

Minimal systemrequirements:

  • IBM 386sx/16 Mhz
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.1 or better
  • 2 MB RAM
  • hard drive
  • CDROM drive
  • MSCDEX driver version 2.2 or higher
  • MS compatible mouse and mouse driver or keyboard
  • VGA , MCGA graphics card
  • Soundblaster, Soundblaster Pro, Adlib Gold, Pro Audio Spectrum

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