James Bond - The Stealth Affair

by Delphine / Interplay 1990


Top Secret - Classified
(For Your Eyes Only)
Agent: 007 (James Bond)
Mission: Recover missing stealth-bomber
Suspects: 1) General Manigua (Paraguayan Dictator)
2) KGB (Mexico City Station)
3) Organized crime (?)
Details: 1) You will be attached to the American CIA
2) You have 00 authorization (license to kill)
3) and please, Mr. Bond, leave the ladies alone!

As British super-agent James Bond, just back from holiday in Kuwait, you will find yourself plunged headlong into the world of international espionage, sent across the globe in an attempt to find the missing, super-secret Stealth Bomber. The list suspects include a Latin American dictator, the Russian KGB, and, possibly organized crime.

To be successful you'll need to sift through puzzling clues, track down a host of nefarious villains, and untangle the threads of a worldwide conspiracy that threatens the safety of the globe (all the while dodging assassins' bullets, bombs and babes!).

James Bond - The Stealth Affair feature an improved version of the Cinematique system pioneered in Future Wars: Adventures in Time. This user-friendly system is entirely mouse-controlled and offers incredible ease of play, combined with an intriguing plot, superb music and stunning graphics, which create an exotic blend of interactive suspense and heart-stopping action.

  • Fully detailed 3D animation
  • Easy to use point&Click interface
  • Pop-up text and command windows
  • Full sound support
  • 256 Color VGA Graphics (PC Version)

ESRB: Not rated


System requirements:

IBM/Tandy and 100% compatibles
5,25" disks included

Supports CGA and 16 color Tandy, EGA, VGA and MCGA
Blank disk or hard disk required
Supports Microsoft mouse
Color monitor required
DOS 2.1-4.0
NO disk copy protection

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