Jack the Ripper

by Gametek 1995

Since August 31, 1888 the identity of Jack the Ripper has eluded criminologists. Using the actual clues and evidence assembled from years of painstaking research, now you can solve the mystery. Travel around authentic Vixctorian London locations in search of clues and interview over hundred actual persons and suspects. Only you can stop Jack before he strikes again.

Only Logic and Deduction can save you! No sentence typing or complicated and frustrating parsers are used to solve the mystery. Use a click and drag interface to arrange the facts that you uncover. Be forwarned because the facts may not take you where you expect. Three levels of difficulty and multiple solutions will keep you thinking for a long, long time.

Alone in the Alleyways of Whitechapel! Artists have painstakingly reconstructed the actual murder locations and haunts of Jack the Ripper from long-lost photographs and blueprints to authentically recreate the eerie ambience of Whitechapel in 1888.

Over 15 minutes of original CD quality music.

Teen ages 13+
Animated violence

System requirements:

IBM PC AT or 100% compatible 386/33
5 MB free hard disk space
2x CDROM-drive
SVGA color graphics
Adlib, Soundblaster, Advanced Gravis or Roland compatible sound card
MS compatible mouse

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