Inherent Evil
Bigtime Games  Release 11/2005

Evil runs in the family ...

20 years ago Kyle Reed and his brother, Frank, escaped an evil that claimed over a hundred lives, including those of their parents.

Down on hard times, Frank decides to take the tragic location of the family owned hotel and re-open it, despite Kyle's protest.

Only a few weeks after renovations begin, Kyle receives a frantic phone call from his brother. Before he can find out what's going on, the phone gets disconnected.

Now, Kyle must return to the place he fears the most if he's to save his brother.

ESRB: Teen


Minimal system requirements:

  • P166
  • Windows 95/98/ME/XP
  • Graphic card 16 bit color, 32 MB
  • 8 x CDROM-drive
  • Soundblaster compatible sound card
  • DirectX compatible graphic card
  • Keyboard, mouse
  • 150 MB hard disk


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