Inca 2
by Coktel Vision 1993

Looking for a game that's fast, fun and elightfully different?

Something that blends together popoular gaming genres to make something unvommonly original? Now comes the groundbreaking action adventure series that is so exhilarating, it will have your adrenaline pumping and palms sweating night after night.

The experience is enganging and disorienting.

To fully appreciate the wonders of the Inca game, you must totally immerse yourself in its unusual background. It deals with ancient civilizations with access to science and technology far ahaead of anything known to 20th century man. It involves a plot that pits father against son and good against evil. Its game play wraps arcade action inside a compelling adventure challenge. It is a story that combines part fact, part fable.

It all begins 500 years in the future, aboard a Lost City afloat in space. If you've ever wondered what exactly happened to the lost Incan civilazation, you need only look at thte stars for the answer. The ancient Incans took off for outer space. They fly ships cut from stone and forged from brass and tin. They fight against evil conquistadores that navigate the heavens in floating galleons. Their lifestyles mix the mystic religions of their past with the cold science of tomorrow.

A mysterious asteroid brings danger to an emerging galactic empire. This unwelcome celestial body brings with it unnatural disasters and interplanetary disturbance. Serious problems develop in the Empire affecting travel, communications and commerce. A meeting of tribal lords creates disagreement between father and son. The rebellious youth prepares for battle at the helm of his father's stolen spaceship.

System requirements:

AT 386/25 MHZ

MS compatible mouse
Graphic card: VGA 256 colors (MCGA)
Adlib, SoundBlaster, ProAudio, CD Audio
20 MB hard disk space

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