Inca 1
by Coktel Vision 1992

Lake TITICACA, 21st June 1525

"When Kon Tiki Viracocha created our civilization he already knew ... Our sun, Inti, would cease to shine for a long time on "Tawantinsuyu", the four corners of the Empire. I felt ominous premonitions like a Tumi in my heart: catastrophies, earthquakes and finally, the arrival of these bearded savages in our lands. Let them delude themselves with this gold which blinds them so. Oh! they'll be looking for the Inca treasure for a long time.

The real Treasure of the Incas - our knowledge - I have hidden it away in a safe place. I can now leave this worn-out, bodily, shell, to become APU and wait for the prophecy to be fulfilled. "A man will come in an iridescent disc, the fires of which will re-light our sleeping sun, Inti. "Like Viracocha, I know that one day, El Dorado will come. This mere mortal will once again find the forces and become the new Inca. I will be there to guide you, the CHOSEN ONE."

Huayna Capac, the last grand Inca.

A major interactive film transposing through space and time the shock of the confrontation between the North American Indians and the Europeans.

  • Piloting the "Tumi" in space-time to discover the planets.
  • Free movement through pre-calculated sythesised scenes.
  • Interaction with filmed characters inserted into the game.
  • Digital sound effects, original music and song entitled "INCA PEOPLE" (available on CD).

System requirements:

AT 386/20 MHZ
MS-DOS 3.0 or more
Hard disc required
RAM 640K

MS Mouse
Graphic card: VGA 256 colors
Adlib, SoundBlaster, Thunder Board soundcards.

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