Hariboy's Quest
by Condor Software/Haribo 1996

Save the planet and make the kids smile again!

This is your presenet mission ...

After the destructive passage of a lost dragon throughout Bonbonia, the magic tree which holds the secret formula for HARIBO candies has been destroyed, making the return passage to Earth impossible.

Shall we be forced to live without these scrumpcious sweets forever? What a dismal and bleak thought for kids and adults alike.

But there is still hope if you are able to find the three hidden copies of the formula books concealed within Bonbonia by the ancestors.

But watch-out: you're not alone in this adventure. You've to be faster than Jack, the one eyed man, and his gang of pirats whose intentions are not as noble as your own ...

There is not a second to waste! Get ready to go to Bonbonia with our young hero. Traveling through the lovely medieval, roman and far westren countrysides of Bonbonia, you will have to be cunning, imaginative and patienet in each unique situation in order to aid our hero in shorts surmount all the traps and dangers along his way.

Hariboy's Quest, a truly exciting adventure game for kids and adults.

System requirements:

486 processor
2x CDROM-drive

DOS/Windows 95
30 MB hard disk space
Optional soundcard

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