Heart of China
by Dynamix 1991

A Crash Landing Globe Spanning Adventure

From the breathtaking splendor of 1930 Asia, three strangers are about to set forth on an adventure that will span the entire continent.

She is the daughter of a ruthless American land baron, facing death somewhere in the lush mountains of central China.

He is a down-on-his-luck pilot with only three days to rescue her.

Their guide to freedom is a shadowy master of stealth and cunning from a far away land.

Together they will travel the crowded streets of Hong Kong, cross the blinding snowfields of the Himalayas and right the fabled Orient Express ... all on a journey of life, love and death that could only begin in the Heart of China.


  • Breathtaking graphics and an original stereo soundtrack bring the adventure to life.
  • A rich, detailed story unfolds through characters that think for themselves, remember your actions and challenge your every move.
  • A poweful yet easy-to-use point and click interface allows you to explore, communicate and interact without Typing.

System requirements:

IBM Tandy and MS-DOS compatibles
Hard Disk, 640K
286 performance or better

Mouse or Joystick

Roland MT-32/LAPC-I/CM-32L, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, PS/1

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