Global Conflicts Palestine 
Serious Games Interactive   Release: 07/2007

A game beyond Entertainment ...

Explore real-world environments and get involved in stories based on real accouts. Experience on of the most volatile conflicts in modern times up close.

Global Conflicts: Palestine takes a compelling mew approach to games, moving them beyond entertainment. It places you in the heart of the world's most talked-about conflict and forces you to reflect upon it carefully.

  • Learn about the problems by experiencing them in a full 3D world.
  • Earn people's trust and write engaging stories about the conflict.
  • Package includes full game and access to an online community and reference.
  • Suitable for all people with an interst in current world affairs.

USK: Geeignet ab 12 Jahren

System requirements PC:

512 MB RAM
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

Open GL compliant graphics card
250 MB free disk space


System requirements MAC:

512 MB RAM
OSX 10.3 or later

Open GL compliant graphics card
250 MB free disk space

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