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News 07-11-2007


Ghost in a Sheet - The Secret of Sector Omega

Pescara, 07-11-2007, Italy. Adventure's Planet SRL, is pleased to announce the new demo and the italian website of Ghost in the Sheet - The Secret of Sector Omega. Don't waste time guys! Join us at www.ghostinthesheet.com/it and have a look to this new special black comedy, an adventure full of sense of humour!

The title will be available in double language italian/english in Italy and in the rest of the world, with the exception of North America and Canada, where the game will be distributed by Tri Sinergy.

It is possible to buy Ghost in the Sheet - The Secret of Sector Omega in pre-order at the address


(at the special price of 17.90 only for the customers that will buy this adventure before the official release date - December 10th) and on the most important online shops.

Now please pay attention, because we've just received this message from the Sector Omega that we want you to read as soon as possible:

"Alas, my strange story begins where my mortal life ended. It is an odd place to begin. Of all the things I had imagined life-after-death could be; I NEVER imagined anything like this…I find myself with an astral body which I am told is held together by the sheet that is covering me! To make matters worse, I also have a terribly loud & intimidating self-proclaimed "BOSS" who is showing me no sympathy or understanding while informing me of my unfortunate circumstances. It seems that there is no peace & quiet here in the afterlife after all! I have barely absorbed my new circumstances when by Boss informs me of my lowly position in no uncertain terms and gives me stern orders to make my way to a factory inhabited by sorry ghosts like myself called Sector Omega. Evidently there has been some trouble and the ghosts are not doing their jobs and the factory is not meeting its quota. In a whirlwind of confusion I embark on my mission to Sector Omega. I am now Ghost in the Sheet. Welcome to my Afterlife..."

Ghost in the Sheet


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