Gooka 2 - Mystery of Janatris
Cenega / Centauri Production  07/2004

Help judge Gooka rescue his son and save his wife from a terminal illness in this point-and-click adventure etitle. Interact with the strange and wonderful characters you meet on your journey. Use your skills and itelligence to solve problems, while using your strength to defeat your enemies. Gooka follows two distinct storylines, one in teh real world and one in your dreams, but both merge in the end challenging your views on everything you thought you know ...
  • Telepathic powers of the main character - two tales: dreams and reality
  • RPG elements - the possibility to learn various skills, giving the game a high replay value
  • 40 NPC's (non playeer characters)
  • Day and nicht time cycle
  • Turn based battles
  • intersting puzzles
  • Engine animations for enhanced atmosphere
  • Game difficulty to suit everyone

PEGI: 12+, violence


Minimum system requirements:

Windows 98/2000/XP with DirectX 8.1
Pentium III or Athlon 733 Mhz
432 MB nVidia GForce2 / ATI Radeon video card
256 MB RAM
8 x CDROM- or DVD-drive

DirectX certified sound card

400 MB hard drive

adventure-archiv  06-08-04


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