Gobliins 2 - The Prince Buffoon
by Coktel Vision/Digital Integration Ltd   1992

An Incredible adventure filled with hilarious jokes all taking place in a cartoon-type atmosphere

Have you seen the mischievous Gobliiins yet, those irresistibly funny and unpredictable characters? Well now they're off again and our little adventurers find themselves in situations even more comical than before! This time there are two of them: Fingus, the diplomat, and Winkle, the practical joker. They set off in search of a young Prince who has been kidnapped by the evil Demon King. This imposter is trying to make a jester out of him ... How wicked! Never forget that in order to progress through this action-packed adventure littered with traps. Fingus and Winkle often have to work together to combine strength and cunning resulting in a couple of hilarious cheeky characters ...

The Gruesome Twosome!


Minimal system requirements:

  • DOS
  • XT (AT 286 or better)
  • 640 K RAM
  • Graphic card 256 colours
  • Sound card
  • CD-ROM-drive

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