Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria

by Prelusion Software / Clearwater Interactive / FastTrack / Bushido Gamewear  06/2001

In a World of Peace, Happiness & Cross-Dressing Vikings - Evil has Returned

The sacred mushroom of Phungoria has been stolen, grandpa Goodmate is going to be executed and things ain't looking too good. Now it's up to YOU ... catch the thief, recover the mushroom and save Grandpa ... all by the end of the week!

Jam packed with over 40 hours of side splitting gameplay this fantastic, magical adventure might just be the best game you buy this year.

So hurry Gilbert, time is running out ... Oh, and do try to keep your hands off the Princess!

Key features

  • 40 hours of gameplay.
  • Excellent music score.
  • Voices by professional actors.
  • Stimulating logigal puzzles.
  • Exceptionally hilarious.
  • 15.000+ lines of dialogue.
  • 6000 animated frames.
  • Interact with 50 cool characters.
  • Beautiful hand drawn locations.

Ages 11 and up

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT4.0 (with SP 5)
P166 Mhz

10 MB free HD Space
4x CDROM-drive
2 MB Graphics Card (100% DirectX compatible)
Mouse and Keyboard

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