von Mindscape (TLC) / Idol FX AB  10/2002

Enter the dark amusement park and bring it back to life!

An exciting adventure!

The children have stopped laughing in the amusement park. Beleseblob, the evil clown, has stopped the magical clock and along with his henchmen has brought terror to the park. In this adventure, you are Gast, the little ghost, care taker of the amusement park. You must defeat the clown by solving puzzles and collect stars so that you can drive the nightmare away!

Key features:

Mind boggling puzzles, all with multiple solutions to solve the game.

A non-linear adventure game where you never get stuck.

Meet and interact with more than 10 supernatural creatures!

Each action influences the rest of the game.

A fantastically eeerie game with creepy sounds and spooky atmosphere.

ELSPA: 3 years and up

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/XP
PII266 Mhz

315 MB hard disk
8x CDROM-drive
8 MB DirectX8-compatible video card with 800 x 600 resolution
DirectX compatible sound card

adventure-archiv - 06-10-02


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