Fairytale - Father Frost, Ivan & Nastya
von Bohemia Interactive Studio / Cenega 03/2003

A story about love, wrath, graspingness, humbleness, lowliness and searching

A story about love, spite, greed, modesty, humility, and seeking. It is divided into four acts - according to the four seasons. That means you visit some of the game locations several times, but every time at a different season and at a different time of day.

Together with the humble girl Nastienka and the gallant hero Ivan, you are about to solve challenging puzzles and overcome many baited traps, and in the end you'll try some of the wedding pirozkhi.

Awaiting you are mysterious beings and magic objects, wild beasts and domestic animals and pets, guileful highway robbers, the evil Hag Baba Yaga, Old Man Mushroom, prudent Father Frost and many other traditional fairy-tale characters.


  • The characters are vividly animated and their motion is quite realistic
  • Four hours of colourful impressive dialogues
  • 28 pieces of original music
  • Animated movie quality cut sequences


Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000
  • Pentium 166
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 210 MB on hard disk
  • 2 MB graphic card
  • Sound card
  • 8x CDROM
  • Mouse

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