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Factsheet: Ethan 2068 

  • Point&Click adventure
  • 3rd person view
  • Genre: cyber-punk noir
  • Technique: 2,5D
  • Estimated game length: 25-30 hours
  • Developer: 10th Art Studio - Adventure Productions
  • Out: 2011
  • Number of characters: 115
  • Number of locations: 90


  • Gripping story set in Budapest 2068.
  • Suggestive hand-painted 3D locations.
  • An original rebuilding of Budapest that takes care of the smallest details: from transport to communication systems, from lifestyle to fashion styles
  • Art direction by the award-winning author Fabrizio Fiorentino (Marvel and DC Comics)
  • 3D Character animations by motion capture
  • Innovative Ca.Gi.Ca.™ game interface
  • 3D cutscenes
  • Original orchestral soundtrack written and directed by 'maestro' Riccardo Barone
  • 3D special effects
  • 20 professional actors lending their voices to make this story come alive


2068. In the dark and charming Budapest a story begins that leads an obscure man to rediscover the meaning of life through an unexpected and mysterious meeting. It will test his capabilities and his scepticism, to realize that in years without hopes and dreams, there are still places for feelings and ideals.A 'cyber-noir' with mature contents, with no heros, no policemen or detectives, without good things and bad things: a story with a high level of tension that will lead the player to a final that promises to rewrite the meaning of 'epic' in a video game, projecting him to a plausible future that is not so far ...


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