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The parents wanted only the best for their boy: A reasonable education he should have, get a good job to make the parents proud. But they didn't send him to university, but to the wise master Pan, who does not only have books reaching the ceiling, but knows a lot about all kinds of mysterious things. But although the pupil is eager for knowledge, he is only allowed to scrub the floor - which is frustrating for him. Thus he finally decides, to emulate his master by reading simply all books lying around in Pan's dwelling. He also finds a forbidden book, which explains all vital magic secrets.

This magic sphere opens doors

One day sapping he is is pinched by the master . It comes to a duel and finally to the tragic end: where Pan was standing a second ago, gapes only a black hole. But is he really dead?

This among other things the gamer has to find out, who takes over the role of the nameless hero. The adventurous journey can be done quite easily with the mouse. The mouse pointer changes the direction of the arrow head whenever new horizons or doors can be opened. If  you find interesting objects, you can either use them with a double mouse-click or take them with a long held, simple mouse-click. In order to select gathered items, the mouse pointer must be moved into the lower right corner of the screen. With a few further clicks the desired object can then be displayed and be applied to any other object.

The books in this corridor are only backdrop

Evocation definitely follows the tradition of Myst: The ghastly atmosphere, which is still strengthened by an outstanding background music, almost pulls into a suction of spine-chilling joy of discovery. But where Myst offered real puzzles and tough logicals, Evocation only consists of confused little games of sense and nonsense. You need much luck and simple mouse-clicking, in order to get ahead in the game. Likewise the game guide is of no help, because it barely introduces either the controls nor the story of the game.

Game comfort is rather low anyway: The mouse pointer only shows the direction, but never manipulatable objects. Thus one is stumbling through the rendered scenery like Don Quichotte: without plan, but courageously.

What attracts our attention:
+ atmospheric sound
+ good background-design
-  bad game-controls

System requirements:
486/33, 8 MB RAM, SVGA, 2x CDROM-drive, Windows

developer: Navigo Multimedia


  • Graphics: 3 of 5
  • Sound: 4 of 5
  • Comfort: 2 of 5
  • Total: 2 of 5





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