Eternam - Walkthrough

The first thing you need to learn is how to talk to people. The people who are outside will always say exactly the same thing, so you only need to talk to them once. People inside building and so on, however, can carry on an interactive dialogue. The biggest problem here is that sometimes they only give you a single chance to let the dialogue go the way you need it to in order to finish the game (ARGHH!), so you may want to save your game and ask them in each order until you get it right. Remember that often what they say will be included in a "test" of sorts which you must pass in order to continue. Usually, though, if you say the wrong thing to a person you will just be killed outright. So just reload the game and try another tack... FIRST ISLAND Walk about until you get to the Duke's Castle. A short animation sequence (isn't there a way to abort these?) and you are inside. Off to the left is a room with sweetmeats. Pick one up. Talk to the guy in the next room down for a bit. Back out to the main hall, go up one, to the right. Pick up the match. Take the next left from the main hall, and go on just past the mirror. The guards pass, and you continue on your merry way. Go up and take the infrared goggles. Back to the main hall, keep going up, (another animation sequence), and give the sweetmeat to the clerk. Go back for another sweetmeat for the guard. Talk to the guys in the next room for your 1st quest: the ordeals. In the room on the left and down, take the medieval camera. Two rooms to the right, and down, and up the stairs, to the left, down a few times, and off to the right are the onion skins. Pick them up, and you are off to the ordeals. Go back down the stairs, to the right twice, use the onion skins and walk under each eye once. Hurry now to the right through the flames before you dry off. Take a short step down in the next room, and then "speak". Walk across the board to the next room. Believe the signs, go to the next room, and then ignore the monster and go into the next room. Use the infrared glasses and follow the path. Only the switch on the left should go into the "up" position. In the next room use the match immediately, and then continue into the last room. Step on the central floor panel and you have solved the ordeals. More animation, and you get a small, very sharp knife. Go back down to near the entrance to the castle. If you want, you can go back to the left and down and take a picture of the guy with his statue. Leave the castle. Further on is a building: take the letter from the woman at the entrance. You can now go to the next island. Just follow the path until you get to the water and stay near the rocks. No problem. SECOND ISLAND The people here are thieves! Talk to any people when you are outside and any GPs you have will disappear! This sucks, but can be useful if you need some more cash... more on this later. Follow the path and take the first left, and give the letter to the revolutionaries, and they will give you a rosette. Continue back down the path, to the left twice, and talk to Charlotte. If you say she's quite an artist you will get 10 GP. Whenever you come back to her, if you are out of cash she will give you more. I don't know how many times it will work, but so far she has given money to me twice... This is where letting people steal from you can be useful. If you _need_ another gold piece or two, let them steal it and go back to Charlotte for a total of 10 more. Then back to spend your cash. Anyway, once you have your cash, leave her house and go back down the path. Take the left twice, and talk to the old lady. Get her to say for you to ask the barkeep for something "strong". And now go into the city. Talk to the fisherman, and ask for how to get off the island. Continue on, and enter the city. You don't need to buy a compass now, I figure it will be better to wait a bit. Besides, you will need to use _all_ 10 GPs later anyway. Go down into the next screen. Animation (sigh), and you are invited into the ring. Speak up, and get your knife ready. When the fight starts, throw the knife and it will cut off his shorts and win you the fight and one more GP. (No compass yet, you still need _all_ 11 GPs.) To the right of this screen is a building, and go trample its lawn. You will be sent into the prison. Talk to the people outside and they will tell you how to get out. Out the building you are. Go right, down, collect all the stuff here (key, rackets, thermometer, canis), go down and talk to Marcel. Go up twice, go right, into the building, go up and talk to whats-his-name. Get his permission to use the ferry. Off to get the other authorisation... Out the house, up, left, into the building, go right, up, talk to him, up, hide behind that thing over on the right, use the camera, animation, go back to talk to the baron. Leave the house and talk to Marcel. And you are off to the next island. THIRD ISLAND Now you have to pass a quiz. Well, you don't _really_ have to (there is a way to get by it) but it is cheaper to do it this way. Answer all the questions correctly and you get sent farther along. Assuming you have asked every person every possible thing as you went along, you will have more than enough information to pass the quiz. And what you don't already know you can actually look up in an encyclopedia. A set of answers to the quiz is: 2,2,3,2,1,1,3,2,2,2,1,2,3,2,3,1,1,2,3,1 If you feel like it, you can fail the test and get kicked back to island two. In the bar, ask for something strong, etc, go to the hidden room, and ask the guy back there for something "special". You can buy your way to the next island for 10 GPs. But since you can pass the test for free anyway I figure this is a waste of money. In any case, you will be in the complex. Wander around up and down floors collecting cards to other floors, they will be scattered around. On floor three, when you get there, you need to ask the Kirk-guy to see the Commander and he will give you a card to floor 2. Look through the periscope and you will see the disaster and be sent on your second mission: stop the thing from blowing up. Down on floor two you will be given a card to access the transporters, but you don't actually need to use it yet. Just go to floor 0, off to the right, the exit sign comes on, go out. Wander along the road to the left and you will come to the pumping station. Walk in, up to the machine, and you will give it a good smack. Fixed! Walk a bit more to the right, and robot-guy will tell you you need your own boat. Go back down the road, go straight through, and go straight through again. Walk inside the building, jump in, and you can get sent on your third mission: find a space map. Pick up the flag to get rid of the interference, and back through the hole. Go back to the other building, up to floor 1, and go to the washroom. Each of the three stalls teleports you to one of three islands. You want to use the one way at the back to get to island 2. Teleport, go back into the city, to the bar, in the back, ask for something special, and buy yourself the starmap. Pick it up, back out the city, transport back, and leave. Back to the moon, talk to the astronaut, back to the other building, talk to the programmer and watch him transport out. Done! PYRAMID Teleport here from floor one of the complex. Go in the pyramid, to the room on the right, to the far wall, pick up the Rosy Stone, back out to the other room, walk up to the wall at the far left, take a peek at that particular picture, and go to the next room. Tell the genie to open the door, and go in. R,U,L,L,D,L,U,U,R,R,R,R,D,D,R,U,U,U,L,L,L,U, out. Ignore the scorpion on the right, go left, left, take the sceptre, use it on the cup, pick up the cup, use it, go through the new door, right. Ignore the statue's head, go right, avoid the little bee, right, kill the snakes, speak to the wall, pick up the pieces, go down, left, take the statues (except blue), left, take the statues, kill the spiders, back to the right, right, right, down, down, left, left, take the knife, use it in the cup, go back right, up, up. Place the yellow, orange, blue statues in the upper, left, and right doors. Go back to the hall which was just before the scepter, place a piece of mirror, follow the light beam along, place another piece. Go to the room with the "X" on the floor (Superman is shown on the wall), use the big piece of mirror, cross the path of the X without being near it, pick up the pieces of mirror, go back to follow the beam of light placing more mirror bits. Before you enter the room where you placed the little statues, use the rackets and go in. The answers to the questions which come are 3,3,1. Pick up the rod, use it, teleport back, use the first stall on the left to go back to island 1, enter the castle, go to the boat room, use the rod, leave the castle, teleport back to island 3, go back to the pumping station, use the boat, use the rod, and you're off sailing. DRAGOON ISLAND Wander to the Warren, enter, go right, avoid the jigglers, right, go to the top of this screen, enter, get the remote, talk to the Alchemist, and leave. Leave the warren, find the scientist, use the flag on him, use the remote on him, and then go back to the warren. Enter, go up two screens, go left through the semi-hidden door, talk to the Priest, make friends with him. Go left, get captured, say "this might be weird...", talk to the baroness's daughter, take all the mushrooms, go down, put the plank down, go right, take the diamond, back to the room with the women, use the green mushroom, go right, right, up, right, right, right. Take the bone and bowling balls, go back left, left, left, use the diamond, go left. Save here because you will probably slip and fall the first few times, but you will get used to it after a while. Use the bone to stop the lizard, avoid the first door with the bear, and enter the second door. Go left, hide behind the pillar, get the round mushroom ready, when the chef goes to the stove run and quickly take the spices and then use the round mushroom so that it takes their place, and run back behind the pillar again. Wait for him to leave the stove again, go right, right, up, left, talk to the prince, use the bowling balls in the empty cell, go back right, use the flute, go up, up, talk to the Evil Prince, offer him a gift, the spell "throw the boat", and he dies. Take the key, go back down, down, into the hole. Wander over to the shark pen, throw the lever, throw the lever again, swim across. Go to the right and push the rock, walk over to the other side of the "pool", push the rock back, enter the pit. Walk up and look out the window and the game is done.


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