Eco Quest 2 - Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Sierra 1993

Challenge your mind and your imagination. Take a voyage into exciting worlds of discovery. Familiar, dry, or difficult subjects will never be the same again once you have been on a Sierra Discovery Series adventure.

Only you can save the rainforest from destruction. Lost Secret of the Rainforest is a trek through lush jungles, mystery caverns, and ancient ruins atop craggy, mistcovered peaks. This Sierra adventure requires that you defeat the real-life dangers threatening the rainforests of South America.

As you explore the exotic ecosystem, you will encounter endangered aimal species, rare flora, and remote native cultures. Your challenge is to prevent their extinction by poachers and other outlaws who would destroy the environment to satisfy their greed. If you're successful you will learn the amazing truth that lies behind the enigmatic face of the rainforest.

Lost Secret of the Rainforest is based on scientifically accurate information. It takes you to one of the most exciting worlds ever presented in an educational game. As in EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus, you will once again be adventuring with Adam.

"EcoQuest bridges the gap between education and entertainment with considerable style." - Technology & Learning


  • An entertaining educational science learning adventure for kids agaes 10 and up..Created with the assistence of leading environmental organizations.
  • Extensive educational value covering botany, zoology, and anthropology.
  • On-screen "Ecoder" reveals, records, and prints out information about the plants, animals, and native peoples you discover.

Learning can be fun ... We guarantee it! We guarantee this game will entertain your child while he or she learns. To prove the point, we have included a special Knowledge Test to demonstrate some of the things your child has learned while playing the game.

If for any reason you are not convinced of this game's learning value, or if your child doesn't have fun playing it, we garantee a full refund of your purcase price. Simply send us your receipt, along with the game and documentation, and a brief note telling us why you're unhappy. Your money will be promptly refunded.

Ages 10 and up


Minimal System requirements:

  • MS-DOS 5.0/Windows 3.0 or 3.1
  • 640 K
  • 286-16 or better
  • VGA 256 und EGA 16 colours
  • Festplatte
  • Adlib, Soundblaster, MS Sound Systeem, Sound Src. MT-32 compat., General Midi
  • Mouse

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