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Here you find linklists to downloadable games on the Adventure-Archiv pages. When you klick on a title you will be lead to the description page where you can find the download link.


Tool for playing old DOS-games with new operating systems
Timer-Bugs in old Sierra-games
Script code fixes SCI  timer bugs
Sliding-piece-puzzle solution (Balmoral)   
       Tools to solve smaller slding puzzles
Easy DOS Boot Disk Creator
       (Freeware) 1,53 MB

       Program for automatic creation of boot-disks for DOS
Patch Verschollen auf Lost Island  952 KB
flagd.gif (101 Byte) NoPopup (Freeware) 510 KB  
 Prevents from pop-up-windows   
flagd.gif (101 Byte) Amiga-Emulators
flagd.gif (101 Byte) BootStar (30 days trialversion) 882 KB   
 Boot-Manager: several DOS/Windows versions parallel on one
      or more hard disks (Link leads to homepage)
Cute Mouse Driver (freeware) 0,4 MB
       Mousedriver  for
standard Microsoft, Mouse Systems,
       Logitech MouseMan and PS/2, uses only 7 K memory
Gozilla (freeware) 1,4 MB
 Download Manager for WIN95/98/NT
flagd.gif (101 Byte) Slowup (Freeware)
 Ein Programm, um die Rechnergeschwindigkeit zu  
       verlangsamen  (Der Link führt auf die Homepage)

Mo'Slo  (test version) 1,3 MB
  The best slowdown-utility
       (link leads to homepage, where you can get the full version too)
Bremze (shareware) 27 KB
       Another good slowdown-utility (link leads to homepage)
Boot_B (shareware) 4 KB
       Allows to boot from a 5,25"-drive, even if it is not your A:-drive   
SciTech Display Doctor (21-days-test version) 2,9 KB
       When having trouble with your graphic card or no VESA-Driver
       (link leads to homepage)
-> supported graphic cards
Split (freeware) 179 KB
       This small Windows-utility allows to split and merge large files and
       transfer them onto disks or send them by email

Last update: 08. März 2006