by Real World Software/Grand Slam 1993

Real World Software is proud to present the first game in the Armaeth series. "The Lost Kingdom".

Set in a time of myths and magic, you take the role of Killian, controlling his actions during the search to locate the Lost Kingdom of Armaeth and the fabled treasures held within.

The world of Armaeth contains places foul and fair, cunnung characters and hazards galore. Only the fittest will survive the hazards and the perils of "The Lost Kingdom".

Armaeth - "The Lost Kingdom" will enchant the novice and challenge the expert with it's unique mixture of atmosphere and long term gameplay.

System Requirements:

286, 386, 486 + 100% compatibles
VGA required
Requires 512 K
Windows 95

Soundblaster /Pro, Adlib
Microsoft Mouse recommended

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