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Archibald Applebrook

Who wants to stack dusty books a whole life? The Scot Archibald does not anyway! Therefore our main character constantly searches for more exciting life contents - while the player falls slowly, but reliably in deep sleep.

After the slogan "The best first" the Intro especially was manufactured in a trick film studio. Contents: An expedition through Iceland to find a city hidden in a volcano.
The following disappointing 2D-Graphics have little to do with the story. The action rather takes place in just a normal library. Later the location is still changed, but it's not very appealing.

In the beginning Archi searches the library for useful items to be able to leave the office and his boring existence. First he has to convince his boss somehow to leave his office. Finally the trueful igniting idea comes to initiate fire alarm. The boss leaves the room and Archibald could examine the file cabinet a bit closer.
It's locked, and now the player must perform "real precision work" in order to find the suitable key on a cabinet! At this point a small spider is used, which works as helper and can be brought up when hitting the space bar.


It lasts some flat jokes, until Archi changes location by taxi. At last the player   now will experience some wonderful events. Near a house the sun is shining beween red clouds. If you choose the way to the beach from here, you will find complete night with moon and stars - maybe forgotten by the creative being behind Archibald Applebrooks Adventures.

Surely you can invest your money better than to buy this game. Small hint: look on pages 88 and 89 of this magazine. Chewy, Escape from F5 is a genuine tidbit.


  • Graphics: 1 von 5
  • Sound: 2 von 5
  • Comfort: 1 von 5
  • Total: 1 von 5

Developer: Software 2000

System Requirements:
486/40, 2x CDROM-drive, 8 MB RAM, SVGA


PC SPIEL 12/95

translated by slydos

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