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Developer: deck13
Publisher: Rebel Games
Release date Germany: 09/2005
Release date international: 10/2005
Press release German


A preview by   slydos, 19th March 2005


While investigating for the Adventure-Archiv site, I discovered the game Ankh by Artex Software some years ago. At that time I  rejected the intention, to add information about it to the archive, because I  presumed - and I think I was right - that those of the fan community, who ever could play this classic adventure game, would be so small in number, that it wouldn't be worthwhile a documentation. Because this game was designed only for the RISC machine of the British company Acorn.

The more encouraging that today, 7 years after, Frankfurt based developers of Deck13, who assimilated Artex Software, are busy working on a whole new version of this adventure game for PC. Ankh ties on to it's predecessor as far as the story is again wrapped around young protagonist Assil in ancient Egypt. This time he incurs the curse of the gods by organizing an escalating pyramid-party. To get rid of that curse he must once again meet the pharao and has to take many more tricky adventure hurdles in 3rd-person-view and point&click-manner.

In the prototype-demo presented by publisher Rebel Games I was able to get some first impressions on this 3D comic-style game, having the opportunity to play through a puzzle example with three characters taking place in three game scenes. Beside the many still left open variables, which have to take shape until the release at the end of September 2005, two features seem to be fixed and sure already in my opinion: heart-warming humour and easiest handling by mouse-control.

There will be graphical changes until then even if the demo I saw, was not bad at all! Especially our hero Assil will be equipped with a more adult look and with this change adapt to the target group, which isn't actually restricted to kids or teens, but also includes adult players. It's a sure thing that they are aiming at the Monkey Island-community. Already in this first demo version Deck13 created a well-discernible atmosphere as we know it from Lucas Arts titles, and they don't have to shove that under your nose - it's obvious.

Those of you who have still two minds about it and wonder if the developers could succeed to stand it through a whole long adventure game, be reassured - Rebel Games/Deck13 have signed a cooperation contract with Telltale Games, the new formed team of  experienced Lucas Arts designers, who - beside their project 'Bone' - are also working on the gameplay of Ankh.

Ankh will be first released in the German speaking area and will be equipped with professionell dubbing. At the same time the work on the English and French versions will start, which are going to be published one month later, in October. Without too much premature praise at this moment, it's going to get really exciting to watch, if Ankh's big hit potential can become reality.

Soon the Ankh homepage will be launched.


P.S.: The Ankh symbol is by the way the old Egypt sign for 'life' and is shaped like a cross with handle, Assil is wearing it around his neck. Every tourist visiting Egypt should at least procure one Ankh, one Udjat-eye and to be on the safe side one scarab as lucky charm.





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