by Ocean/Microtime 1996

Vegetables, Violence ... and an angry sausage!

On the streets of Snackopolis something evil is brewing, but that's what you get for eating too much beans! The long time mayor, Pepereinstein, has been kidnapped in the run up to the election, the vegetables are at boiling point, the nuts are cracking up, and the yoghurts are revolting as they have been left out of the fridge for too long! Unless someone stops this edible uprising the streets will be awash with puree!!

Only one Person can rescue Pepereinstein and restore peace and order, even though he'd rather just have a fight and  that's Peperami!!


  • Sausage role playing point and click adventure with thousands of frames of animation
  • Featuring the worlds first Eat-em-Up
  • 130  640 x 480 hand painted high resolution backgrounds

Ages 11 and up

System requirements:

- PC 486 DX2-66, Pentium and 100% compatibles
- colour monitor with VESA compatible SVGA graphics card capable of     640 x 480 in 256 colours
- 8 MB RAM,
- MS Mouse
- 2x CDROM

- DOS 5.0 or higher or Windows 95

Supports: Soundblaster, Soundblaster PRO, Soundblaster 16 and Soundblaster AWE 32 and 100% compatible sound cards

Running under Windows 95 requires 16 MB RAM.

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