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Developer: First Reality





A preview by  slydos   10th February 2007


A new studio was founded by Czech and Slovakian developers called First Reality. Their first project is a science fiction adventure game, which shows a rather realistic graphic style, however takes pieces of presentation or story from all subgenres. It's not easy to fully itemize the quantity of associations raised and so I leave it to you, dear readers, to find out, which graphical and contentwise borrowings were taken from the pool of popular and successful games. So far we find only few screenshots and artwork, but it's planned as a 3rd-person aventure game with 3D-characters and prerendered backgrounds, equipped with user friendly mouse controls in point&cllick style. We already know more about the story:

A technocratic military dictatorship controls the city of Prague in the year 2045. Robots guard the city limits to the apparently infected external world. Most work is done by machines, supervised by a small number of humans. Jobs are scarce and controlled by the two leading companies Endora and Theolex. Under strange circumstances the building site of the new Endora headquarters is closed. All workers got sacked and loose their cards which are vital, because they couldn't get a new job without it. One of them is Richard Rocek, who by the way grew up orphaned as many other people of that time. His desperate situation drives him to a resistance group.

During his investigations Richard finds out more about the building stop. It looks, as if it has never been planned to be finished. But that's only one small piece to the puzzle, which is also about an ancient time travel technology. First Richard and his friends simply want to destroy this technology, but they quickly realize that they can use it for their purposes. The state defense and thus Endora doesn't keep waiting for long personified by a special agent, the one who has already met Richard once ...

In the course of the story Richard finds out that not only the obvious opponents want to prevent him from his search for the truth. Even friends are not all that trustworthy. His investigations lead him from Prague around the world, to New York, to archaeological excavation sites, France, the Brazilian rain forest and to Siberia.

At this early point of time the following is particularly remarkable: the developers of Alternativa try hard to adapt popular and well credited characteristics from other successful adventure games. Whether we thereby get only a knock-off of Bladerunner, Syberia, The Moment of Silence or Broken Sword and others, is uncertain. In principle the use of borrowed pieces of material is legitimate and orientation at successful models quite eligible instead of inventing the wheel a second time. But whether First Reality will succeed to astonish, to entertain or even to thrill us, is still perfectly open. They however selected basic ingredients (see below), should find our interest and our attention anyway.


  • Typical point&click adventure game
  • 3D realtime characters
  • 1024 x 768 resolution in true color
  • spectacular rendered graphics
  • interactive music and realistic sounds
  • loads of animations
  • non-linear and intriguing story
  • multi-character game
  • parallax scrolling
  • tons of supporting videos
  • intersting and logic tasks
  • user-friendly and excact controls
  • slight RPG elements
  • 5 different locations
  • more than 120 scenes
  • tens of unexpected characters
  • partly horror-like atmosphere



Copyright © slydos for Adventure-Archiv, 10th February 2007




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