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Always those Aliens

If aliens, lecherous for conquering, were sucked against their will into another galaxy during a hunt trip, they are in an understandable rather bad mood. Who gets in their way, should be bargained for everything ...   The story published by Gametek and developed by the Finnish Housemark-Team isn't excessively original. Benjamin is the hero of Alien Incident. His uncle, a likewise unsuccessful and crazy inventor, just on Halloween finally reaches the break-through - with the help of accoincidentally hitting lightning he opens "a wormhole " into another, 60 billion light-years distant galaxy.

Actually a reason for celebrating, but unfortunately by return the first extraterrestial visitors come through this hole, and they aren't nice at all, because this spaceship was hunting a mysterious energy being, now stupidly disappeared on earth. That means trouble, both for the crew and for our coincidence Einstein, because the green-skinned commander of the prettily rendered ship shorthand takes the scientist, in order to call him to account for the disaster by titillation torture in the orbit high above.

Our hero Ben now walks mouse driven through a comic-style world à la "Day of the Tentacle" (but without such colorful graphics), collects passwords, codes, fuses and what one needs in an adventure game, talks to a few fellow men from time to time, cracks safes walks through a few small mazes. Thereby the inventory is available simply by click, like all of the controls are not difficult at all.
The sound is of quite different kind - unfortunately it's as uninspired as large sections of the graphics, which often look somewhat outdated. Encouraging basic approaches can be found with the generally quite logical puzzles and the gamer is not forced to visit the same places again and again as we know it from other adventure games. Now and then really genuine humor flashes out ...

Leute hingegen, die einfache, nette Adventures mögen, und auch Einsteiger ins Abenteuergenre kommen bei Alien Incidenet durchaus auf ihre Kosten.

Highly visible are the many resemblances to various classic LucasArts games, without achieving the their class. And so hardcore adventuregamers may down-look snobbishly on the quite homemade looking graphics and splatter something like "much too easy and childlike". However people, who like simple, nice adventures, and also novices to the adventure genre will get their money worth with Alien Incident.


What was noticeable to us:
+ very simple handling
+ rather logical puzzles
- very uncomfortable installation
- dark graphics don't let humor come through correctly


  • Graphics: 2 of 5
  • Sound: 2 of 5
  • Comfort: 4 of 5
  • Total: 2 of 5

System requirements:
386/25, 8 MB, VGA, 2x CDROM DRIVE, approx. 27 MB on hard disk

Publisher: Gametek


PC play, © 10/96

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