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You want no chocolate? You want rather a good Game? Can be made - if you go on your quest for the squares with AGENT XXL . My name is Bunt, Gunter Bunt. And he is searching the squares for "Ritter Sport". Though Agent XXL is an advertising game for the above mentioned chocolate company, developer WESTKA has done everything to create a respectable adventure.

The cartoon-like story with SVGA graphics starts in Gunter's chaotic bachelor's hangout. This cool guy in the leather jacket takes part in in a price writing of its favourite magazine - and wins! But beside the price also another writing with a secret mission is in the luck package. That is the moment, Gunter has waited for a lifetime. Finally he could copy his idol 001 and travel, win the most beautiful women, and not to forget, experience the dangerous adventures that are waiting for him in Turkey, Ivory Coast, Jamaica and all the other beautiful locations.

Though the graphics of the game are not always first choice, WESTKA proves great skills in handling humor. You will laugh at the cool sayings of Bunt and his co-actors which come in digital output. Aside from this the player is not bothered by advertising pop-ups - just the other way round:  There is no chocolate advertising in the whole game. Just the screensaver  is composed of  haselnut, nougat, yoghurt  and milk, which is quite bearable.
You can't complain about Agent XXL at a price of 20 DM. You can buy the game directly from Westka Kommunikation, Agent XXL, Deutz-Mühlheimer-Str. 165-169, 51063 Köln.





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