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3 Skulls of the Toltecs

Lorenz Steinke polished his golden CoIt, put on his sunday cowboy hat and starts out to teach the Wild West how to be afraid.
It is really unfair. There are people,  that are coming across cool things every day, and there are people, who lead a unbelievably calm and contemplative, accurately boring life. A game tester like me for example is always jetting from one cocktail party to another, rooming in exclusive first-class hotels around the world all the time and gets bored skiing in St. Moritz in winter and sun-bathing in the brewing sun of the Cote d‘Azur in summer. Other people, like my buddy Fenimore Fillmore, still experience real adventure with nerve tickling perils and really bad guys.

For example Fenimore
I only recently met Fenimore for example, after his return from the Wild West. And like always, when he was away for a longer time, he experienced  maniac things and could tell me about it. This time he just was searching for a diamond claim somewhere in the wild west, when he literally stumbles over three old skulls and their golden past.
The whole story began with the fact, that he was riding through the desert of Arizona on one of these extremely hot summer days of the year 1866, suddenly caught sight of three most unappealing bandits shooting at an old man.  The noble Fenimore couldn't but help the old man and chased away the bandits with some aiming gunshots. Then he went to the old man to provide him with first or rather last aid.

Keeping cool
The old man told Fenimore the most mysterious story about three golden skulls of the toltecs, which would gathered together point the way to a immeasurably valuable indian treasure. The old man himself has one of this skulls in his luggage and gave the valuable piece to Fenimore. This was probably the reason for the attack. The other two skulls could be found at places very near, he continoued.
The old man was a travelling dealer of miracle tinctures against all possible diseases. At this moment, trying to tell Fenimore more about the secrets of the skulls, he made the last mistake of his life, grabbed one of his tincture bottles and emptied it at once to recover his weakened body. Unfortunately there was hair restorer in the bottle and a very deadly tincture in high dose. So he died - like everyone would have done in his situation leaving Fenimore without any clue.
After this memorable meeting Fenimore and his faithful mule, on their way to the next town, were trapped in an ambush. The three rogue faces he just chased away, shot at him and took away the golden skull again.
Fenimore didn't look very intelligent in this moment. He now had knowledge about a mysterious and very valuable indian treasure,  which he would have liked to possess. Unfortunately he was missing the the necessary keys in the form of three indian skulls. Not only stumbling from one fat cup into another, Fenimore also drove himself and others into high mortal danger.In the following the story turned to a very unexpected end. Typically Fenimore.

But perhaps it's better he tells you his story. You will find him looking a bit unusual,   exactly taken like a genuine comic figure. Over all this Wild West reminds a little bit of comics - possibly because of the fact that its mental fathers and mothers already worked on film and television productions such as Batman, The Flintstones and Feivel goes West. So around Fenimore's adventure of the three skulls a funny animated cartoon with amusing actors was created,
which comes along as classical adventure. Graphics and sound are not quite the professional quality of movie trick films and dialogues don't quite reach the quality of Lucas Arts or Infocom. Sometimes the responds of the characters don't really fit and they even sometimes are caught in dialogue-loops. But the story of the three skulls altogether became a really amusing adventure, appealing to both - beginners and advanced fans of the genre. Western fans will like the game too, especially when they are watching the league against alcohol handling hard drinking western heroes.


translated by slydos

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